Indoor and outdoor positioning management system

Low power consumption, low cost, international standard protocol, end to end solution.

Vehicle positioning management

Based on the bluetooth and GPS positioning technology.

Personnel and assets positioning management

Reversed bluetooth tracking technology.

Smart construction staff Management

Improve safety and efficiency with the advanced helmet
wearing detection and behavior analysis

  • Broad range of applications

    Support various IoT sensors.

  • Various interfaces

    Hardware, map, positioning engine and APP,

    are available to connect to third party system.

  • Intelligent behavior analysis

    Based on artificial intelligence.

    Intelligent identification staff rest state, etc.

  • Outdoor and indoor tracking

    Staff behavior with advanced AI algorithm.

  • low cost and power consumption

    Very low TOC. Batteries last from months to years.

  • International standard protocol

    LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

  • NB-IoT Badge Tracker
  • LoRa Badge Tracker
  • Position Terminal
  • ibeacon
  • i3 Porable Bluetooth Label
  • VG08 Specification
  • i4 Asset Management Label
  • Solar Bluetooth Gateway
  • Bluetooth Gateway
  • iBeacon
  • Femto Gateway
  • Micro Base Station
  • sensor
  • PT100
  • wireless data gateway
System Introduction

      We use Bluetooth and GPS/Beidou as positioning technology with LoRa/NB-IoT as backhawl and this makes the system support warehouse, building, tunnel and outdoor people and asset tracking.
      We can provide a complete set of solutions and system level products from tracking hardware to algorithms and then dashboard. We provide standard interfaces to connect with your system.

Bluetooth, Beidou, GPS

International standard protocol:

LoRaWAN and NB-IoT,

compatible with various IoT sensors.


Triangulation positioning, fingerprint

and Kalman filtering algorithm.



and BIM map.


Address: 1st f, No.8 Hua Shen Ave, Nanjing

Email: [email protected]

telephone: +86-25-83358776

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